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Mike Fasano Pasco County Tax Collector

EFS - Electronic Filing System

EFS Guidelines

The Pasco County Tax Collector will appoint a Dealer as an EFS agent in the county after DHSMV notifies the Tax Collector that the entity is authorized. [Division of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Rule 15C-18.003(1)(a)]. The Tax Collector shall not accept Dealer's title work under the EFS program until the foregoing occurs.


  • Dealer representative shall review work for accuracy prior to submitting to Tax Collector. Incorrect / incomplete work submitted will be voided and returned to Dealer for correction. Tax Collector will issue a refund to dealer.
  • Dealer shall submit a Daily Bundle Report with all transactions finalized by 12:00 (noon) the following business day. The work may be submitted to any Pasco County Tax Collector's Office. Dealer shall enter the number of title transactions being submitted into Tax Collector's log book.


  • When inventory (license plates and / or registration decals) is needed, Dealer shall submit a written request signed by an authorized representative indicating the type and amount. License plates shall be limited to Sunshine State plates in quantities of 100. The request may be emailed to , faxed to 352-521-4275, or hand delivered to any Pasco County Tax Collector's Office. Dealer may pick up inventory at requested Tax Collector's Office after three (3) business days.
  • Defaced license plate inventory and defaced (misprinted) registration / decal inventory must be returned to Tax Collector within three (3) business days. Dealer shall be financially responsible for any missing or unaccounted inventory.
  • Annually, by appointment, Dealer shall bring all license plate inventory to a Pasco County Tax Collector's Office for physical audit.
  • Quarterly, (March 31, June 30, September 30 and December 31) Dealer shall complete a Check of Agency form listing all license plates physically on hand at Dealership and submit said form to Tax Collector together with an inventory report printed from Dealer's EFS system. The Check of Agency form shall be signed by an authorized Dealer representative. The information submitted by Dealer will be verified against Tax Collector's FRVIS reports. Tax Collector will notify Dealer of any discrepancies in the annual and / or quarterly audits. Dealer shall reimburse Tax Collector for any missing inventory within thirty (30) calendar days of written notification by Tax Collector. Failure to settle within the specified time period will result in Dealer being charged for the missing inventory. It is the Tax Collector's understanding as of December 23, 2010, that the Division of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles will take over the auditing process in April, 2011.

This policy is subject to revision at any time at the Tax Collector's discretion.

EFS Guildelines

EFS Dealer License Plate Inventory

Decal Receipt and Certificate For Destruction

License Plate Receipt and Certificate For Destruction