Replacing Lost or Stolen Documents

Lost Vehicle Registration

If you have lost your vehicle registration, a duplicate may be issued. The license plate number, decal number or vehicle identification number is required for issuance.

Lost or Stolen License Plate or Decal

If your  license plate and/or validation sticker has been lost or stolen you must contact your local law enforcement agency to report the  theft.  If reported stolen, the police report case number will be required to be scanned into the State DMV system.  The police report itself or a officer/deputy business card with the case number written on it is acceptable.

The registered owner of the vehicle may apply for a replacement plate and/or decal by providing proof of ownership in the form of the registration or title and driver's license.

Lost Title Information

Application for duplicate title may be made by the registered owner or lienholder on record.  The form must be completed in detail, signed by the applicant and submitted to any of our offices. 

If there is an outstanding lien, only the lienholder can apply for duplicate title.  If the lien has been satisfied, we will need the satisfaction of lien.

If a title has been lost in transit (mailing), and a replacement title is applied for within 180 days of the issue date, a replacement title can be issued at no charge. 

If your vehicle is titled in another state, you must apply for a  duplicate through the motor vehicle division of that state.  We try to maintain a supply of forms for each state.

Fast Title Service

Fast title service is available. The title should be issued within 5 working days. The application may be made at any of our offices or by mail. To expedite your application when requesting this service by mail, please make a notation on the outside of the envelope, 'Attn: Fast Title Service'.