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Veteran Designation

 ATTENTION: No Driver License Services are offered after 11:30am on Saturdays.

Add Veteran Designation to Florida Driver License or Identification Card

Honorably discharged veterans have the opportunity to add a special Veteran "V" designation to their Florida Driver License or Florida Identification Card.

If you are interested in obtaining the special designation, present your Honorable Discharge papers (Form DD 214) at any of our five office locations countywide.

In addition to any other applicable fees, the cost for the special "V" designation is:

  • $2.00 plus $6.25 service fee* to replace the license with no changes
  • $1.00 plus $6.25 service fee* and applicable renewal or replacement fee to (a) renew the license or (b) replace the license and make changes (name, address, etc.)

* Florida law requires the additional service fee for driver license transactions processed at any Tax Collector office.

If you would like the "V" designation added to your Florida Driver License or Identification Card but are not yet Real ID compliant, you will need to bring the proper documents. To obtain a personalized list of the documents required before coming to our office please click here.

Veterans who need to obtain a copy of their Form DD 214, may request it through the National Archives, which provides information on how to make the request online at www.archives.gov/veterans/military-service-records.